The Smarter Way to Get Things Done

Ever feel like you spend most of your day spinning your wheels?  You stay undeniably busy, but at the end of the day, what have you really accomplished?

Let our team help you focus on the work that really matters, instead of the busywork that sucks up your time.  We're like a secret weapon, quietly obliterating tasks on your to do list, while others wonder how you get so much done.


What Can We Knock Off Your To Do List?

Here's just a sampling of tasks our team completed
for clients during a single 3 week period.

  • Monitored email and client dashboard for incoming requests from customers. Responded as needed.
  • Made requested edits to client websites.
  • Formatted a fact sheet for a client to use during an upcoming event.
  • Set up new members in a client’s members-only system.
  • Sent out meeting confirmations and cancellations to a client’s distribution list. Made corresponding changes to the client's online calendar.
  • Contacted legislator offices from a client’s list to set up meetings for the two days that the association’s members will be in the State Capitol to lobby.
  • Created a summary schedule for an upcoming event. Distributed that schedule to the client's Board of Directors.
  • Formatted email blasts for distribution on behalf of clients. 
  • Made/confirmed lodging and dinner meeting reservations.
  • Cancelled/rescheduled meetings for a client due to conflicts.
  • Reviewed orders in a client’s online shopping cart to confirm companies that had paid to sponsor an upcoming event. Sent summarized list of those who had paid to the client.
  • Created summary report of all financial transactions occurring during previous month for a client’s bookkeeper. 
  • Created a summary report of all membership dues received for a client during the previous quarter.
  • Responded to an email from a client’s member about a product that arrived broken from the distributor.
  • Conducted Monday morning calendar review with a client to confirm Committee meetings, hotel reservations made and any lobbying reports due. Handled cancellations or follow-ups as needed. This is a recurring task that happens every Monday morning.
  • Received copies of checks included in a client’s bank deposit. Marked corresponding invoices and shopping cart orders as paid. 
  • Prepped and distributed invoices for a client’s members who pay monthly or quarterly. 
  • Monitored key sources for good articles/information to post to client social media sites.
  • Prepped and mailed membership certificates for a client’s members who renewed during the previous month.
  • Compiled success stories for a client into a single Word document and saved the file to the client’s shared folder.
  • Sent an invitation to a distribution list requested by client.
  • Compiled data sent in from an association’s members into a single spreadsheet. Saved the spreadsheet to the client’s shared folder.
  • Sent electronic copy of a meeting packet in advance of a client's meeting.
  • Made website updates for a client.
  • Responded to a client’s request to make certain products on their website ‘sold out’ and adding quantities available for others.
  • Listen in on teleconferences to capture key notes/assignments. Prepped summary for client use.
  • Helped a client’s member add items to a previously placed order without being charged additional shipping. This involved setting up new coupon codes in the online shopping cart and communicating that code to the member. She was then able to place a new order which we added to the previous one.
  • Formatted an agenda for a client’s committee meeting. Distributed the agenda to the appropriate distribution list.
  • Distributed a Direct Mail marketing piece to a designated list.
  • Set up follow-up meeting for an association’s executive director to meet with an interest group that requested time with her.
  • Updated a client’s membership application and posted online.
  • Updated a client’s contact management system to reflect new contacts and staffing changes.
  • Compiled research documents into a shared folder for easier access by client.
  • Created an invitation for a client’s legislative reception. Made edits based on client feedback. Ordered invitations and had them shipped directly to the client’s headquarters.
  • Researched proper format for a formal Board resolution. Modified a client’s content to fit that format so that it could be presented at an upcoming Board meeting.
  • Set up several meetings for a client.
  • Sent out a Member Application Packet to a prospective member at a client’s request.
  • Responded to member questions about a client’s upcoming event.
  • Created online event registration pages based on information from a client.
  • Added contact information to online database. Researched correct office locations and added missing information (like zip codes). 
  • Sent invoice reminders to members at client’s request.
  • Set up new website pages to correspond with a client’s new product line.


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