My name is Joy Duling and I know how much task juggling and dedication it takes to really grow a membership-based organization.  I've not only grown a community coalition from an idea around a conference table to a fully functioning 501c3 with a $1.3 million annual budget, but I've also worked with associations extensively over the past 10 years here at

Yes, I've planned countless events, facilitated dozens of Board planning retreats and I've listened to association leaders around the country talk about how hard it is to grow membership in today's environment.

I know your job isn't easy.

BUT JUST IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT... being able to leave the office every day feeling confident that everything that needed to happen to attract, serve and retain your members actually got done. 

Emails were answered.
Phone calls returned.
Meetings scheduled.
Members engaged.

Does that seem to good to be true?

Perhaps you've grown accustomed to tasks languishing on your to do list... after all, that's what that "Someday" column is for, right?

Or maybe you've taken solace in telling yourself that you're only one person and therefore can only get so much done.

But deep inside, you want more.
You want to be effective.  You want to experience growth.  You want the work to feel easier.

You find yourself worrying that things are falling between the cracks. You wake up in the middle of the night with random moments of panic when you realize you forgot to take care of a time-sensitive request.

You worry about getting your message in front of the right people, about members churning and dropping out of programs. You worry about what needs to happen to keep people happy so that they will renew.

My team and I can *completely* change what it feels like to lead your association or membership program.

We are a virtual administrative team that specializes in helping association leaders complete the work that needs to happen to attract members, serve them well. Our goal is to make you so effective and so responsive to what your members want that they faithfully renew again and again.

Our clients hire us, then stay with us for years, because what we do works.


If you're curious whether our approach would work for you, a Get Acquainted Call is free.

We have service packages to fit nearly any size association and the flexibility to scale as your needs change over time.

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But Why Should An Association Listen to Me?

You may be skeptical. I get it.  You not only have limited time, you also have a limited budget. You can't afford to waste time talking to people who can't bring you immediate relief and who aren't going to make a real difference in your bottom line this year.  

So why bother with me?  I'll start by saying I'm not some random person on the Internet who decided just yesterday to set up a virtual assistance practice.  I've been consulting with and virtually supporting association leaders for more than a decade and I actually know what it takes to launch and run a successful association. 

I have a Master's Degree in Social Work with a specialization in Policy, Planning and Administration and real world experience from working with countless solo leaders. I've served as a board member for several nonprofit associations and I personally spearheaded the planning and launch of a nonprofit, membership-based organization in the Peoria community and served as its Executive Director for more than six years. Together with a very small team, we grew that organization from just an idea around a conference table to a fully functioning 501(c)3 with members contributing more than 1.3 million in annual revenues.

I've taken that background knowledge about what it takes to run a successful association and I've hired the perfect team to support solo leaders. They are here, every single day, fielding phone calls, responding to emails, supporting programs and product launches... all because they share's mission of making it easier for our clients to run their organizations.

We won't waste your time. We won't overwhelm you with constantly needing direction. We just swiftly solve problems and put practical processes in place to eliminate tasks on your to do list and make sure your operations function at peak performance.

I'd love to connect and talk about your current challenges.  Just choose "Get Acquainted Call" below and then select the day/time that works best for you. The consultation is free.



You're Making Us Blush!

Here Are Some Words That Clients Actually Use To Describe Us:

"Vital Resource"
"Utmost Confidence"

"Fast Results"
"Best Support Ever"

"Wealth Of Ideas"
"Shining Professional"
"Easy To Work With"
"Uncanny Ability To Understand"
"Calm Presence"
"Takes The Edge Off Of Overwhelm"

"Pushed Without Nagging"
"Exactly What I Was Looking For"

"Best Investment"

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