My name is Joy Duling and I know what it's like to be a solo leader... to have so much that you *want* to do to implement your ideas... while feeling incredibly limited in what you can personally squeeze into the day.

I've been in your shoes... I launched a small business from scratch in 2005 and have grown it to the point of providing steady employment for others... I've taken a nonprofit from simply an idea around a conference table to being a fully functioning organization with a $1.3 million annual budget... I've managed a community-based membership collaborative where a Board, members, and vendors tugged at my time all day long... and I've worked with dozens of other solo leaders over the past decade who simply wanted to find their way back to being effective again.

IMAGINE... being able to leave the office every day feeling confident that everything important actually got done. 

Emails were answered.
Phone calls returned.
Meetings scheduled.
Members engaged.

As a solo leader with great responsibility on your shoulders, feeling completely on top of your workload may seem IMPOSSIBLE.  

Perhaps you've grown accustomed to tasks languishing on your to do list... after all, that's what that "Someday" column is for, right?

Or maybe you've taken solace in telling yourself that you're only one person and therefore can only get so much done.

But deep inside, always feeling behind
slowly eats away at you.

You find yourself worrying that things are falling between the cracks. You wake up in the middle of the night with random moments of panic when you realize you forgot to submit a critical report or take care of a time-sensitive request.

So, what do you do if hiring a full-time
staff person isn't really an option?


Traditionally, when the workload becomes more than a small organization's leader can handle, there are only a few options that are explored:

Option 1) They pull in a family member or friend to help.  

Your mom can answer phones, can't she? Your neighbor's teenage kid can run the copy machine and update the website? And because these people love you and want you to be successful, they'll work cheap or for free. Plus, you have a relationship with them already, so you don't have to get to know someone new from scratch.


WHY THIS FAILS:  It's hard to make the shift from a family/friend relationship to a boss/employee relationship. As a result, your expectations are rarely the same as they'd be for a total stranger. These hires may be convenient but the result is rarely a solid long-term strategy. 

Option 2) Hire a temp.

The other approach that time-pressed and budget-sensitive leaders often explore is hiring a temp.  The temp agency can certain send over some interim help and you can certainly cross your fingers that they find someone you like... and who possesses the right skills and knowledge to be useful. 

WHY THIS FAILS:  It is extremely difficult to find temps with solid business experience and, if they are any good, they are likely looking for a consistent full-time job which could leave you unexpectedly unsupported at any moment.

As temps circulate in and out, you'll likely feel that you never get beyond the training phase and constantly directing inexperienced people is VERY time-consuming. Theoretically, if you did find someone terrific and wanted to hire them permanently, you'd likely need to pay a large fee to the temp agency and that sort of defeats the purpose of getting help affordably.


Option 3)  Hire a specialty contractor.

It is often tempting to think, "if I just had help with X, things would be so much better." So, an organization may opt to hire a specialty contractor to handle that specific type of project.

WHY THIS FAILS:  Specialized skill set = narrow focus = limited impact.  This is a GREAT option if you have a larger budget with plenty of discretionary room to be able to hire a specialist for every need. This is not a reality for most solo leaders. Instead, you likely need support in broad areas within a smaller budget.


I'd like to introduce you to a 4th option... it's swift to implement, amazingly effective at bringing relief and far more reliable than counting on family or temps.



There are no sick days, vacation days, childcare issue days, etc. ... and better still, you don't even have to find a place for us to sit in your office!

Your emails can be managed.
Your schedule coordinated.
Your social media monitored.
Your marketing campaigns implemented.
Your events planned.

Your presentations formatted.
Your database cleaned.
Your board packets compiled.
Your graphics designed.
Your website changes launched.

Nearly anything that is administrative or creative in nature can be swiftly and professionally handled for you so that you are free to do the more important, strategic aspects of running your company, nonprofit or association.

There's great power in what we have waiting for you.

>>> More experience with modern business management than nearly any normal administrative assistant you could hire...  

>>>More commitment and continuity than you'd ever find with a temp agency...

>>> More breadth of skill and expertise than you'd get with a specialty contractor.

Our clients hire us, then stay with us for years, because what we do works.


If you're curious whether our approach would work for you, a Get Acquainted Call is free.

We have service packages to fit nearly any size organization and the flexibility to scale as your needs change over time.

Simply click here to schedule for a day and time that suits you.


But Why Should Anyone Listen to Me?

You may be skeptical. I get it.  You not only have limited time, you also have a limited budget. You can't afford to waste time talking to people who can't bring you immediate relief and who aren't going to make a real difference in your bottom line this year.  

So why bother with me?  I'll start by saying I'm not some random person on the Internet who decided just yesterday to set up a virtual assistance practice.  I've been doing this work for more than a decade and I actually know what it takes to launch and run an small business, nonprofit or association because I've run all three. I have a Master's Degree in Social Work with a specialization in Policy, Planning and Administration and real world experience from working with countless solo leaders. I've served as a board member for several nonprofit associations and I personally spearheaded the planning and launch of a nonprofit, membership-based organization in the Peoria community and served as its Executive Director for more than six years. Together with a very small team, we grew that organization from just an idea around a conference table to a fully functioning 501(c)3 with members contributing more than 1.3 million in annual revenues.

I've taken that background knowledge about what it takes to run a successful profitable small organization and I've hired the perfect team to support solo leaders. They are here, every single day, fielding phone calls, responding to emails, supporting programs and product launches... all because they share's mission of making it easier for our clients to run their organizations.

We won't waste your time. We won't overwhelm you with constantly needing direction. We just swiftly solve problems and put practical processes in place to eliminate tasks on your to do list and make sure your operations function at peak performance.

I'd love to connect and talk about your current challenges.  Just choose "Get Acquainted Call" below and then select the day/time that works best for you. The consultation is free.



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